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Make the most of summer with Cresta Hotels

Summer is here and there is no better place to spend it, than at Cresta Hotels. We have a diverse range of Hotels within our group which will make excellent destinations for guests who want to make the most of their summer. Each Cresta Hotel within our four different gateways provides guests with different facilities and activities which will make this summer unforgettable.   

Our Urban Heartbeat hotels offer our corporate guests the perfect location to keep cool and relaxed while conducting business in the heat of the African city. Each of our Urban Heartbeat hotels offers modern, spacious and climate-controlled rooms and common areas plus luxurious rooftop swimming pools for guests to enjoy during a hot summer's day. 


For those looking for a perfect blend between urban and outdoor experience, our Urban Oasis hotels are the perfect fit offering a perfect blend between an Urban and outdoor experience right on the edge of the city. These hotels will make great destinations for strategy retreats for corporate companies looking to broaden their prospects for the remainder of the year. Our Urban Oasis hotels offer lush gardens with leafy outdoor dining areas, and luxurious garden swimming pools also making them perfect for individuals who are seeking a peaceful getaway which is not too far out from the city.

Our African Roots Gateway hotels are the ideal destination for guests looking to experience traditional African cuisine and entertainment during a beautiful summer's day. The African-themed event offerings at our African Roots hotels are best experienced under the warm African night sky. These hotels also offer gardens and swimming pools for guests looking to cool down after an immersive African cuisine experience.

Guests who are looking for the perfect destination for family getaways, where there is little disturbance from the outside world will find our African Roots hotels at the top of their list. The hotels within this Gateway are nothing short of paradise during the summer season. Our African Fingerprint hotels like Cresta Mowana are located in the wild where there is a diverse range of wildlife and natural beauty and are the perfect tourist destinations during the summer season.


Our African Fingerprint hotels offer Safari game drives and excursions, boat cruises, African Boma dining under the warm African night sky with traditional dance and music and relaxed swimming pools and beauty spas.

This summer will be a perfect time to visit Cresta Hotels and to make it much sweeter, we are offering a discount of up to 30% OFF on accommodation at selected Cresta Hotels. Say Hello to Summer; say Hello to Cresta Hotels. Book now.

About Cresta Hotels

Cresta Hotels is one of Southern Africa's leading hotel management groups, operating business and resort hotels in Zimbabwe, Botswana, and South Africa. Cresta Hotels runs a total of 17 hotels; 11 in Botswana, 5 in Zimbabwe and 1 in Cape Town, South Africa all filled with African heart and soul.

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