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About Cresta Catering

Cresta Catering offers Hotel-grade outside catering canteen meal services for a wide range of customers in different sectors such as Government, NGOs, Corporations, and Associations. Cresta catering is currently only available in Zimbabwe.

Cresta Catering caters to numbers from 10 to 5000 guests and offers a variety of menus either buffet, ala carte, snack, or set menus for any time of the day be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Our staff is made up of experienced management, chefs, and waiters who have been in the industry serving food for more than 30 years.

About Catering

Cresta Catering Services

Cresta Catering provides meals for events such as meetings, conferences, long service ceremonies or product launches and daily staff meals.

Why Choose Cresta Catering

  1. We create memorable moments through exceptional dining experiences.
  2. We have experienced personnel who have expertise in preparing a wide range of cuisines.
  3. We are customer-centric and flexible.
  4. We pride ourselves on always being on top of the current food trends with up-to-date menus.
Why Choose Catering


We have 3 pricing models available for you when to make you event easy to administer and extra special.

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Fixed Fee (Full risk)

Price per person which includes all expenses is fixed and reviews are done periodically


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