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Cresta Thapama launches themed dining experience nights in Francistown, Botswana

Cresta Hotels is proud to launch themed dining experience nights at Cresta Thapama in Francistown, Botswana. Themed nights will explore different cultural dishes allowing the local community to get a taste of exotic cuisines from different cultures and countries right at their doorstep. The first night of this series was Thai night where one of Cresta Hotels’ Executive Chefs, Chef Prosper served delicious dishes from Thailand prepared and served with African heart and soul. Thai night was so popular that we had to talk to the Chef to find out where he got his magic, and this is what he had to say:


Question 1: Please tell us a little about your experience/qualifications cooking Thai food?

Chef Prosper: I am an innovative and proficient all-rounder Executive Chef with formidable theoretical and practical efficacy. I am a qualified Pan Asian Chef certified by the Thai Ministry of Education in collaboration with Thai Chefs School and Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy. I did my training in Thailand and attained the Grand Master Pan Asian Culinary Chef Diploma and Master Thai Chef Diploma.


Question 2: What can people expect on this night?

Chef Prosper: People should expect innumerable scrumptious Thai gastronomy. On this night we serve famous and perennial favorites like Tom yum soup, Pad Thai, Thai Satays plus the addictive Thai sweet treats.


Question 3: On Thai Nights, do you have options available for older individuals whose diets are limiting, or younger kids that perhaps don’t eat spicy or complicated food (kids are very picky eaters)?

Chef Prosper: Yes! Dietary requirements are of paramount importance and highly obligatory, therefore, the elderly and young ones are catered for. Some dishes are non-spicy while some are simultaneously highly nutritious and immune boosting.


Question 4: What’s your favorite thing about Thai food?

Chef Prosper: I love Thai Cuisine because it keeps your palate entertained and the secret behind that is in how the food is cooked. Thai gastronomy calls for experience, determination, and accuracy to create the expected dimensions of flavor, and we have all these determinants at Cresta Thapama.


Question 5: Can we expect to have any special Thai deserts on the night?

Chef Prosper: Yes, the event will be climaxed with multitudinous desserts like the coconut and mango cake, sticky rice and mango pudding, sweet potato balls.


Question 6: Are you excited for Thai Nights?

Chef Prosper: I am more than excited; I can’t even express the magnitude of the bliss I have right now! Thai Nights are going to be a hit.


Question 7: Do you believe that this unique experience will be received well in the Botswana community?

Chef Prosper: I have a feeling that this unique experience is going to be well received because there is scarcity of Asian restaurants in Botswana as a whole and again not everyone affords to travel abroad due to impecuniousness hence, this is the chance to be taken to Thailand without an air ticket!


You have heard it for yourself. Chef Prosper has what it takes to take your taste buds on a trip to Thailand and back, so next time you are in Francistown, make sure not to make a date with Thai night at Cresta Thapama and experience Chef Prospers’ magic firsthand.

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