Chobe National Park

Highlight: Chobe National Park

A wildlife oasis in the heart of northern Botswana, Chobe National Park is unrivaled for big game viewing and beautiful scenery. Not only is it home to the largest elephant herds in Africa, it also packs a punch in terms of exceptional accommodation.

Chobe National Park

By size, Chobe National Park is the third largest park in Botswana and the most biologically diverse. The Chobe River is the lifeblood of the reserve, flowing year round along the northeast border of the park. During the dry season, from June to October, it is a major watering spot for large herds of elephant, giraffe, sable and Cape buffalo. Safaris in Chobe are conducted on foot, in 4×4 vehicles, and along the Chobe River.

Chobe National Park Elephants

The elephants of Chobe are one of the park’s most impressive attributes. Chobe’s elephant population is estimated at 120,000 – the largest left in the world. The herds seasonally move between Chobe and the Linyati Rivers, depending on where the water is most abundant. Not only are these elephants thriving in numbers, they are also the largest in size of all elephant populations in Africa.

Day Trip to Chobe National Park

Aside from being a mecca for big game, Chobe boasts an incredible diversity of birdlife. This wildlife photographer’s paradise is home to African fish eagles, kingfishers, African openbill storks, saddle-billed storks and eye-catching bee-eaters which pluck insects from out of the sky. Birds are best seen along the Chobe River on boating safaris in the wet season, where you’ll undoubtedly come across bathing elephants or a pod of hippos.

Chobe National Park Wildlife

Chobe is ideally incorporated as a one or two day trip, as an add-on to a stay in Victoria Falls. The park is located 170km from Victoria Falls – about a 5-hour drive across the border into Botswana. Game viewing is best at sunrise and sunset, so we’d recommend staying for two nights if you have the time.

Cresta Mowana is located on the Chobe River just outside of the Chobe National Park, offering high-end accommodation and easy access to all that the reserve has to offer. Enquiries about our Victoria Falls and Chobe accommodation can be made at reservations@crestahotels.com or by calling +27 11 881 1200.

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