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Family Activities in Chobe National Park

Travel can be an eye-opening experience for children of all ages and what better way to educate your children about the world than to let them see and experience it first hand? Travel experts have found that the most successful family trips are those where both children and parents are involved in choosing activities! Chobe National Park is well-known for its variety of high and low adrenaline activities, which are fun for the whole family.

family activities chobe national park

Travelling with children adds a different dimension to your trip and extra level of planning for parents to ensure that safety and activity needs are met. To save you some research, we have listed our top pick of family-friendly activities to do.

  1. Game drives

It goes without saying that heading out on at least one game drive during your stay in Chobe National Park is an absolute must. Game drives are generally the best way to see Chobe’s impressive wildlife, notorious predators and striking landscapes.

Professional and qualified guides will gauge the age and needs of your children and ensure that the game drive suits you and of course guarantees the highest safety. Your children spotting their first African elephant will certainly be a memory that will last forever!

chobe game drives

  1. Boat cruises

Chobe National Park is particularly famous for its sunset boat cruises. These cruises are a special favourite for avid photographers and bird-lovers. There is no better setting for a sundowner or two, watching elephants, hippos and crocodiles along the river.

chobe national park activities

  1. Fishing

The Chobe River is a popular fishing destination and one of the best places in Southern Africa to try and catch the legendary Tigerfish. There are a number of operators offering leisurely fishing trips, perfect for some family fun in Botswana. Operators provide equipment and an experienced guide to help you catch a number of species, all of which are great on the braai.

  1. Village cultural tour

For families seeking insight into the lives of local people living in the Chobe area, a village cultural tour is a window into the tribal villages nearby. Guests are taken by traditional wooden mokoro canoe and then on foot to local villages on the banks of the Chobe. This tour is perfect for families and you can almost see the learning happening as the children meet other children and observe their interesting customs and culture.

Chobe is a wonderful destination for a family safari to build priceless memories that will last a lifetime. We look forward to sharing these with you at Cresta Mowana Safari Lodge & Spa.

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