Chef’s Corner at Cresta Sprayview.

Richard Dhaitiya, Head Chef at Cresta Sprayview shares some of his delightful recipes. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions and treat your better half to a delectable night-in, or – even better – show off your culinary skills during your next dinner party.

Starter – Fillet steak tartare with horseradish crème fraîche


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Ingredients (Makes 2 portions)

• 50g Fillet steak
• 5g Dijon mustard
• 2g capers minced
• Egg yolk
• Baguette crisps
• Salt and pepper to taste


1. Place beef in the freezer to firm up for about 20 minutes.
2. Hand cut the meat into sheets 5mm thick.
3. Cut the sheets into stripes and then chop into cubes.
4. Mould the beef onto the centre of a plate and serve with a soft fried egg yolk, capers, Dijon mustard and baguette crisp.

Main Course – Baked bream fillet with shrimp ravioli and almond bisque


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• 400g bream fillet
• 20ml lemon juice
• 20g mayonnaise
• 2g onion powder
• 5g black pepper,
• 5g salt
• 30ml butter, melted


1. Mix lemon juice, mayonnaise, onion powder in a bowl and spread on the fish.
2. Sprinkle bread crumbs and smear with butter.
3. Bake at 200 degrees Celsius for 25 minutes until the fish flakes easily.
4. Serve with shrimp ravioli and an almond bisque in deep plates.

Dessert – Mango parfait


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• 3 egg yolks
• 100g castor sugar
• 200ml cream
• 150 ml mango puree


1. Beat yolks with 1 teaspoon warm water. Heat castor sugar to 120 degrees Celsius and mix with yolks. Cool the egg mixture and add mango purée.
2. Beat the cream until soft peak and fold into the egg mixture.
3. Set in a cold room for 1 hour or until firm.
4. Serve with sweet toffee apple, a lemon sorbet and mango salad.

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Image Credits: Pexels & Cresta Sprayview